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in memory of michael jackson

The way you make me feel when you Beat it..
You rock my world
Michael, all the time, now or then, Black or white.
You were the Dangeorus and Smooth Criminal, you were the Man in the mirror.
you told me, Don't stop 'till you get enough, and to Rock with you.
I can't help it
but I think you are Too young to go now, Heaven can wait.
Billie Jean and Dirty Diana are gonna Cry there Lonley teardrops.
I thought you were Unbreakeble but I guess it's Human nature.
It's to late to change the time
now and You can't win everytime.
But You really got a hold on me michael and you'll always be Bad in my eyes.
I guess you were a man in Trouble and that your life was ment to be a Thriller.
I think you would want Everybody to Wanna be startin' something new
and to stop Doggin' around, right?
So I promise I'll Remember the time cause Whatever happens
I just can't stop loving you.

Postat av: Pias

I miss him too. Hes musik is magic. Hopp his happy .

2009-06-27 @ 09:06:34
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